Who we are

The Fathers’ Development Foundation is a mutual interest hub and digital platform for individuals and organisations supporting fathers’ development and working to influence policy, practice and research.  The Foundation is supported by a diverse mix of community members, and father-, family- and child- focused organisations and academic institutions.  Our strength is a strong grounding in research, consultation and practice.

What we do

The Fathers’ Development Foundation transforms the experience of fatherhood for fathers and families through high calibre practice-led research, consultation and bespoke projects that empower individuals and influence public policy and national practice. Through rigorous research programmes and analyses targeting communities, institutions and local authority areas, the Fathers’ Development Foundation facilitates knowledge exchange and provides policy advice in the UK.

Why we do it

Political and societal focus on the needs of children, parents and fathers ebbs and flows according to policy, public opinion and events in the media. To this end, the needs of the diverse range of fathers and communities are not always reflected.  Additionally, many civil society organisations, academic institutions etc develop valuable research that fails to impact on current policy, practice and thinking.  Governments often launch initiatives to address particular issues (such as the ‘Troubled Families’ programme, CANparent classes, childcare vouchers or the ‘bedroom tax’) without ‘joining up’ policies or locating initiatives within a sustainable long-term framework that takes fathers into consideration at all.

How we do it

The Foundation collates research studies, programme evaluations and impact assessments, identifies knowledge and evidence gaps, and conducts research and bespoke projects through a number of associates and partnerships providing a key resource and platform for future fathers’ development work. At the centre of everything we do are the values of social justice, individual and collective responsibility, and the imperative to make a positive difference. The Foundation is governed by a diverse mix of community members, family- and child-focused organisations and interested parties.

Our Supporters

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